Eagle Scouts

Reference Letters

1)     A minimum of five references is required.  (If the scout works, a sixth reference is required from the employer.)

2)     The scout personally asks the person to write a reference, informally explaining what it is for.

3)     The scout gathers all the necessary information such as home addresses and phone numbers for the references.  (Some teachers will give out their home address, others use the school address.)

4)     The scout gets with the advancement chair for help in preparing the letters.  The advancement chair has a sample reference letter request provided by the Dan Beard Council and can sign the letters.

5)     The scout mails or personally hand delivers a copy of the letter, the scout law and the scout oath along with a stamped, return envelope addressed to the advancement chair: 

6)     The scout also needs to list a reasonable time for the reference letters to be returned, 30 days or so, depending on the time of year.  (Around holidays or in unique situations, references may need more time to properly respond.)  Setting a “deadline” gives the scout and the advancement chair a timetable on when to check back with the reference.

7)     The reference names and addresses are to be written down on the Eagle application in Requirement 2 in order to obtain the “BSA Local Council Certification” after the Scoutmaster Conference and before the Eagle Board of Review.  However, all reference letters must be received by the Advancement Chair before an Eagle Board of Review can be scheduled.