Parents Role

Each Scout needs his parents’ support in meeting the challenges that face him in Scouting.  The parent encouragement and participation are crucial to the Scout’s growth and advancement.

Parents must also support the Troop’s activities; the Troop and the boy’s growth are dependent upon the collective energy and input of adults.  The boys cannot do it by themselves.

The Troop adult leadership expects each boy’s parents to support the Troop through the contribution of their time.  There are many opportunities for contribution.  Some are:

·         Finance – Managing the finances of the Troop.

·         Camping and other outdoor activities – Providing instruction and supervision.

·         Advancement – Guiding boys through ranks, merit badges, and special awards.

·         Equipment Maintenance – Keeping the Troop property in good order.

·         Troop Committee – Guide and support the Troop.

·         Fund Raising – Plan and participate in Troop fund raising projects.

·         Transportation – Providing coordination, vehicles, and drivers to Scouting events.

·         Court of Honor – Strongly suggested to support your Scout by attending this ceremony.

·         Registration – Collect the necessary information and fill out applications for membership and renewal.

Scouting does cost the parents a sum of money and time, but the return on the investment in their sons far exceeds the cost.

Theory of Leadership
Troop 7 is an organization run by boys under the direction of their Scoutmaster. They are assisted by their assistant Scoutmasters, merit badge counselors and Patrol parents in learning the skills necessary to advance through the ranks and earn merit badges.

The Troop Committee supports the Scoutmaster and the Troop leaders by organizing fund raising events and doing much of the behind the scenes work that makes the troop function. Our charter sponsor is the Springboro First United Methodist Church. The Charter Organization Representative is the liaison between the Troop and the UMC and the person who approves committee nominations of adult leaders.

The concept of boy leadership is central to our mission in Troop 7. Unlike a cub scout troop where parents take leadership positions, our boy scout program requires the parents to step back from these roles and allow the boys to lead themselves. This transition can sometimes be difficult for new parents and kids, but the end results are worth the effort.

Troop Leadership Roles
All youth members of the troop will gain experience in various leadership roles during the course of their membership. Even though there may be some reluctance to assume leadership positions by the younger scouts, parents should encourage and counsel their children on the benefits and responsibilities that leadership experience provides.

We Are All Volunteers
All of the adults assisting Troop 7 are volunteers; the only way the Troop can function is if everyone does their fair share. We believe all parents should be prepared to assist in any way possible by contributing to the success of our program.

Additionally, we need help from time to time with building and equipment maintenance, and in helping to prepare for events such as Courts of Honor. If parents have a profession or hobby that may be interesting or educational, they may sign up as Merit Badge Counselor.

The troop also requires help from the adults during summer camp. We must maintain at a minimum 2 adults 24 hours a day. We would like to go with no less than 3 adults. This will involve scheduling of vacation so you help is greatly appreciated.

Join The Committee
All parents are encouraged to join our Troop Committee, which meets on the first Thursday of each month. Come and get acquainted, become a committee member, help make the decisions which affect your boy's scout troop.

Memership for adults are $15 per year (approximate) and include insurance during Scout functions and activities, additional costs will occur for campouts and other troop "pay as you go" activities.

Become An Assistant Scoutmaster
Most of our Scoutmasters began as parents of children in the troop. If you have an interest in becoming an assistant Scoutmaster and working closely with the boys on their skills and advancements, please let the Scoutmaster know and we will be happy to have your assistance and support.

The Boy Scout Program offers excellent workshops and instruction for adult leaders. Scoutmaster Fundamentals and Scoutmaster Training are offered at various times within theHopewell District. Our adult leaders have also attended Youth Protection, Safety Afloat, University of Scouting and other valuable programs designed to provide the skills adults need to offer guidance to youth members. Many of these programs are also available at summer camp.

Emphasize 100% Attendance
Over the course of the years, we have learned that parents who get directly involved with their children in scouting get far better results. Dropping off your child week after week without participating can be a disadvantage to your child, yourself and the troop. Regular participation by parents can send the message to your child that your commitment to the scouting program is important.

Legacy of Community Service
One of the most valuable aspects of our scouting program is the opportunity to participate in community service projects. Since the creation of the Boy Scout troops in Springboro, we have been ready, willing and able to lend a hand in their community when called upon in the support of worthy causes.

All Troop 7 scouts are required to participate in community service projects, both as a group and individually from time to time.