1.        Introduction
The Scouting program is a combination of fun, friendships, and adventure accomplished in a Patrol setting. If a child is registered, then the parent(s)/guardian(s), at least one, are registered as Troop volunteers. Examples of possible positions are transportation coordinator, fund-raisers, merit badge counselors, or a committee member (see under number 14). The parent/guardian must understand their boys Scouting experience begins at home, extends to the troop/neighborhood, and finally to the community. Each boy, unless other arrangements in advance are made, must be met by a parent/guardian, or other designated person before he is released by the person in charge.

An adult volunteer signed on to a Troop position must fill out the paperwork required by Boy Scouts of America. All applicants are subject to a police criminal records check. Any questionable applicant is subject to Troop Committee review and approval. An applicant will be notified prior to such review.

Scout needs to be a paid member of BSA to attend ANY Troop meetings/outings. Also, all Scouts in Troop 7 must have an up to date medical form filled out yearly and the SM will be informed of any special needs any Scouts may have (medications, disabilities, etc.).


2.        Troop service projects and outings must be approved by the Scoutmaster.

3.        Troop 7 Scout driving policy  A Troop 7 Scout having a driving license may drive himself and siblings to Troop 7 weekly scout meetings. No other Driving will be allowed unless approved by the scoutmaster and confirmed with the charter representative.

4.        Adequate adult supervision is required at all Troop events. Troop 7 will follow 'two-deep' policy which is authorized by BSA.

5.        Troop 7 (class B) shirts can be worn to camp outs, fundraisers, etc. Full scout Class "A" uniform will be worn to all scout meetings, special functions. Any questions on what uniform to wear should be directed to one of the scoutmasters.

6.        Attendance will be taken at each Troop meeting. For a scout to attend a camping trip/function he must sign up for the event on the second Thursday before the campout. Exceptions will be a written/verbal excuse from a parent/guardian for sickness or other activities. Examples of other activities are sports obligations, school, church, etc.

7.        Transfers If a scout wishes to transfer to another troop, the boy's parent/guardian should contact the Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster will the provide the transfer paperwork for the boy to present to his new troop. If transferring to a troop within town, please wait a month before transferring paperwork to ensure the scout does not change his mind.

8.        Troop Accounts:  Accounts are set up by Treasurer in each Scouts name on troop computer program with money earned by participating in fundraisers. The Treasurer will print out Scout account information on the first Thursday of each month. Additional reports are available upon request. Upon transferring from Troop 7, the Scoutmaster of new Troop is requested to send a letter that the Scout has officially signed up with a Scouting unit, then the money in that Scouts account is sent to new Troop. This process is to be done within a 1 year period. When the 1 year period has passed, money in the Scout's account is then put into Troop General Account. Scout(s) account money can only be used for Scouting purposes, (ie, uniform, patches, camping equipment, special events payments...). A Scout leaving Troop after turning 18 may make his own decision about account before leaving Troop. Only money paid in my parents will be returned upon the Scout dropping from the program. These funds are only released after a review of the scouts account by the troop committee.

9.        Troop Adult Positions are to eliminate ONE doing all. The positions are:

Scoutmaster (SM) - responsible to the committee to see that the troop is run in an ORDERLY manner and that the kids in the troop are being taught scouting skills under all the rules and regulations of Boy Scouts of America and troop 7.

Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) - assist the Scoutmaster in the performance of the Scoutmaster duties, share the responsibility of the Troop and also falls under all rules and regulations of Boy Scouts of America and troop 7.

10.     Scout positions in the troop are elected positions. The troop (boys) will hold elections every 6 months or when deemed NECESSARY, to elect the positions. The elections CAN only be held when 75% or more of the scouts are present. The positions are not according to rank but ability. Elections are by secret ballot and the results are to be made public the at the time of election. The Scoutmaster has the right to place probation on any leadership position in the troop or suspend leadership position in the troop.

Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)- presides at all troop meetings, events, activities, and chairs the patrol leader's council. Keeps scout spirit HIGH. Work with Patrol Leaders and make sure that they are doing their job(s) (informed and prepared) and responsible for training new patrol leaders. Work closely and contact Scoutmaster about weeks upcoming activities, needs/concerns of patrols, and the agenda for the Patrol Leaders Council.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) - responsible for training and giving direction to the quartermaster, scribe, troop historian, and librarian. Leading parts of meetings and other activities and stepping in to lead the troop in the SPL's absence. Make sure that you are in constant communication with SPL and that SPL is doing his job. Work closely and contact Assistant Scoutmaster about weeks upcoming activities, needs/concerns of patrols, and the agenda for the Patrol Leaders Council.

Patrol Leader (PL) - plan and lead patrol meetings and activities. Assign each patrol member a job and help him when needed to do that job. Keep patrol spirit HIGH. Keep a log of attendance and responsibility/job of members and lead members in their appointed positions. Make sure that the patrol has a flag and yell within the first month of taking office. Attend patrol leaders council and report back to patrol members information needed to run troop smoothly and keep members up to date. Work closely and contact SPL about weeks upcoming activities and needs/concerns of their patrol.

Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) - assist the PL in planning patrol meetings and activities. Stepping in to lead the patrol in the PL's absence. Keep patrol spirit HIGH. Help keep patrol members informed and prepared for troop activities.

Librarian - set up troop library (troop's books, pamphlets, and magazines). Keep a file of all troop literature and a record of all materials loaned out. Follow up on materials loaned out for long periods of time. Recommends materials to SM and reports on repairs or replacement needs.

Historian - take troop photos. Collect and care for troop photos, news stories, trophies, and flags. Keep file of materials available for programs, news stories, or troop history projects. Bring photo album to Courts of Honor, Webelos graduations, and work with troop committee in carrying out his responsibilities.

Scribe - troop secretary. Attends patrol leaders council meetings and keeps a log of their decisions. Keeps a record of attendance at meetings and activities, dues payments, and troop advancement. Work with troop committee in carrying out his responsibilities.

Quarter Master - in charge of equipment inventory and update of supplies. Keep log and issue equipment and see that it is returned in good order. Work with PL in loading equipment for events/activities, scheduling repairs, and suggesting new or replacement items. Attend patrol leaders council meetings and be prepared to report on troop needs.

11.     Discipline

If a child is a DISCIPLINARY problem with the troop then they will be asked to leave the function from which they are a problem (see number 4). If a boy is sent home, he is considered absent for the entire meeting. For one week, they will be suspended from troop functions. They will not be eligible for the following camp-out. To return to the troop they will be ACCOMPANIED by a parent/guardian and will make an apology to the troop. Disciplinary problems are, but not limited to the following:

  • Willfully striking or assaulting a scout or any member of the Troop staff.

  • Deliberate refusal to obey a member of the Troop staff.

  • Theft.

  • The use of obscene or profane language or gestures.

  • The willful destruction of property.

  • Possessing non-approved electronic devices at a troop function. (beepers, game boys, radios, etc.).

  • Violation of Troop by-laws.

  • Violation of any other school rules (suspension, expulsion) or State laws.

Permanent dismissal from scouts will be given for the following:

  • Possessing at Troop functions any kind of weapon, such as pistol, blackjack, etc.

  • Possessing drugs, tobacco, narcotics or alcoholic beverages.

If a boy is a DISCIPLINARY problem in school, troop, or home and a leadership position is held, the boy is on a 30 day probation period. Any further incidents will result in the loss of the leadership position in addition to the above actions (see last paragraph of number 12).

It must be clearly understood that a boy and his family MAY be dropped from the active rolls of Troop 7 by action of the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster and Committee for any one (1) of the following reasons: If the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster deems it necessary to maintain discipline in the Troop. If lack of parent cooperation causes the Troop serious disruptions.

Issues with the Scoutmaster Corps should be referred to the Committee Chair.

12.     Amendments

All amendments to these by-laws shall be signed by two Troop committee members, Scoutmaster, and Assistant Scoutmaster(s). Amendments will be presented to the boys in Troop 7 at the next scheduled meeting following the signing. All registered volunteers will be given the opportunity to voice their input on the proposal before any votes are taken. The enforcement and interpretation of these by-laws is up to the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster(s), and the volunteer adult at any Troop function.

13.     Troop Committee

The Troop Committee, Scoutmaster, and Assistant Scoutmaster(s) plans and coordinates the Troop program and is responsible for recruiting and training adult leadership, record keeping (Troop Record Book), and finances.

The Troop Committee shall consist of all adults registered with the Boy Scout of America for Troop 7 Springboro, OH. All parents/guardians are encouraged to register as members of the Troop Committee (see number 1).

Troop Committee positions shall consists of:

Committee Chairperson - responsible to see that the positions on the committee are being performed. That the Advancement chair is keeping up with the advancements, etc. The Chairperson is responsible to the committee that the troop is being run properly and if not then the chairperson holds the scoutmaster accountable.

Chartered Organization Representative - responsible to put forth the charter organizations views to the troop and report back to the charter organization on what the troop is doing.

Treasurer - Treasurer/finance is responsible for the managing of the troop books. (See also #10 above.) Work closely with Fund-raising coordinator.

Advancement Chairperson - the Advancement chair is responsible to the committee and the troop to keep up with advancements of the kids or the non-advancement of the kids. Makes sure that council has the proper paperwork for the kids advancement. Holds the scoutmaster accountable that prior to boards of review that the kids are ELIGIBLE (books signed, merit badges completed) for advancement.

Fund-raising Coordinator - Fund raising is responsible to set up (get permission (from committee), make calls & contact council) for fund raising of the troop. Work closely with Treasurer. Write letters for donations, collect money, etc.

Publicity Coordinator - Publicity consists of contacting local newspapers of Troop activities, to publicly acknowledge boys advancements, and to encourage Troop growth. Contact troop Historian for updates and to inform of newspaper articles to be looking for.

Troop Committee meetings will be held the first Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted and shall be governed by the Committee Chairperson. Parent(s)/guardian(s) with complaints or suggestions are invited to attend Troop Committee Meetings, but shall have no vote unless registered.

All registered members of the Troop Committee shall be eligible to vote. The Committee Chairperson, or in his/her absence the designated representative, shall have no vote, except to break a tie. A simple majority vote of members present shall be necessary to decide all questions brought for debate and settlement.

A quorum shall consist of a minimum of five (5) Troop Committee Members, with at least two (2) of these being Troop Committee position holders. Special Troop Committee Meetings may be called at the discretion of the Troop Committee Chairperson, or upon written request of three (3) members of the Committee. All Committee Members will be notified as to the time and place of any special meeting.

The Committee Chairperson may appoint sub-committees as necessary. Such committees shall submit reports of their activity.

All correspondence using the name of Troop 7, Springboro, OH must be cleared in advance by the Troop Committee.

All Troop expenses will be paid by check, or cash with receipt. Expenses in excess of fifty dollars ($50.00) must be approved by the Troop Committee prior to payment.

An annual audit of the Troop Treasury will be conducted no later than November of each year, or whenever signatories change. Three (3) troop Committee Members will be appointed by the Chairperson to conduct the audit.