1. AMOUNT:  The dollar amount is based upon the anticipated Troop expenses including advancement awards, replacement of items, general program supplies, maintenance (software, trailer, etc.) and miscellaneous.  The fee is determined to be $45.00 per year.  This will remain unchanged year to year, unless it appears that the Troop is accruing too much money in escrow or the Troop is not adequately covering expenses.  Any changes to the fee will be voted upon by the Troop Committee.  Participation fees will not be refunded if the scout leaves the Troop or becomes inactive during the year. 


  1. COLLECTION:  The participation fee will be collected during the re-chartering process that occurs in December of each year.  This fee is in addition to the annual Boy Scouts of America registration and insurance fees sent to the Boy Scout Council.  The entire participation fee collected is used exclusively for Troop expenses.  Fees for Webelos and transfer Scouts will be collected at the time of joining the Troop. 


  1. PRO-RATED AMOUNTS:  There will only be two amounts collected, full year or half year.  Webelos and Scouts joining before the Spring Court of Honor will pay the full amount of $45.00.  Any scout joining between the Spring and Fall Courts of Honor will pay half the amount of $22.50.  The fee is based upon the Scout’s eligibility to earn awards for the upcoming Court(s) of Honor.  A Scout that joins after the Fall Court of Honor will wait until the rechartering process for the next year to pay the full year participation fee.  Scouts that turn 18 will pay a pro-rated amount depending on the date of their birthday, ie. if their 18th birthday is before the Spring Court of Honor, the fee is $22.50.  If their 18th birthday is after the Spring Court of Honor, the fee is still the yearly amount of $45.00.


  1. EXCEPTIONS:  JASMS AND EAGLE SCOUTS:  To recognize Junior Assistant Scoutmasters (JASMs) and Eagle Scouts for their accomplishments and service to the Troop (leadership, mentoring, etc.) the yearly participation fee is $22.50.  The reduced fee goes into effect for the year following their JASM appointment or Eagle Scout award.       


  1. NEW WEBELOS:  New Webelos joining the Troop may incur an additional expense if a new patrol box is needed.  The fee will range from $20 to $25 ($100 to $130 per box) and will be used to equip a new patrol box with camping supplies.  This could occur if we gain a minimum of six new Webelos Scouts and need to form a new patrol. 


  1. ADULTS:  Registered adults and adult volunteers are not charged a participation fee.  The fee only applies to the Scouts under age 18.