Summer Camp Lead-up Week

7/4 - No Scout meeting.

 7/11 - "Gear Check" Time During the regular meeting at the scout building. We will be using part of the to inspect the scout's camp foot lockers to ensure they are taking the appropriate items for camp. In the past, the troop has had some troubles with packed items once we got to camp and we just want to avoid that.. Once inspected, the foot lockers will be left at the scout building or place in the troop trailer. Any additional items for the box can be brought on departure day gathering time. Please do not pack food items in the box.

 7/14 - Noon at the scout building. Scouts must be in full Class A uniforms. We will gather to pack and prepare for departure. As soon as all scouts arrive and are packed we will leave. Please be warned that we will leave no later than 12:30 pm as we have to meet a check in time at camp. Should any scout not be at the building by 12:45, the parent will probably have to take the scout to camp and meet us there. The trip will take about 45 minutes.

7/21 - We will check out of camp around 9 am on Saturday. We do not have a departure plan as this will depend on the speed at which the scouts pack and when we can actually get checked out. We will be back to the scout building between 10:30 and noon. You can expect a phone call Saturday morning stating the expected time you will be able to pick up your son.