Summer Camp Packing List

Description Notes
Clothes for 6 days Typically rains a lot
2 sets of shoes Hiking boots and sneakers
8 pairs of socks Blisters, rain, sweat
9 pairs of underwear Crotch rot if not changed
Hanger for Scout uniform shirt  
2 towels  
Swimming Trunks No cut off shorts, nylon best
Sleeping bag Temps to low 60's at night
Beds and tents provided
Blankets/Sheets Blanket optional
Raincoat Lighter weight preferable
Personal hygiene items  
Scout Handbook  
Flip flops for the shower Shower and camp only
Personal First Aid kit No CPR mask required
Sun Block  
Writing material for MB's Pencil, paper, note pad
Water jug with carry strap 1 qt / liter. Convenience stores carry large bottles that you can tie a rope or strap around if you would like a bigger bottle or one at a low cost.
Bug Spray Pump or wipes / no aerosol
Try to get something with a 20 - 30 % deet content.
Beach Towel (no advertisements)  
Knife Less than 6 inches
Tote-n-Chip Will be earned. Axe  /saw provided.
Fireman's Chit Will be earned
Optional - Fishing Gear - NO LIVE BAIT  
Folding chair Provided seating limited to about 16 chairs at the site
Small rope for personal clothes line  
Merit Badge books Troop should provide
Merit Badge Items (mess kit, First Aid kit)  
Optional - 6' cheese cloth for sleeping Mosquito netting
Board Games / Card Games  
Fishing pole, gear, and tackle box if you plan to fish or are taking a fishing related merit badge. Live bait can be purchased at or near camp.
Compass Used by scouts under first class to do orienteering course. Not covered by Trailblazer, but meets requirement for rank advancement.
Lock for foot locker Check Wal-Mart auto section (31 * 17 * 13)
Approx 68 liters
$18 - $20
Sleeping bag, pillow, and chair should be the last things packed. Everything else goes in.
Swimming Merit badge Clothes (Nylon Preferred)  
Long Pants and long sleeved shirt
Preferably non button down (fewer gaps)
Snacks in 1/2 Grocery bag Brown paper bag with name on it
Spending money Personal spending - $30.00 - $40.00
MB Kits - Varies by badge (should have been told)
Summer Camp Clothing - $15 - $20
Money for Merit Badges Based upon individual merit badges
C.O.P.E Clothes - Long Pants and Boots  
Food in Foot Locker Animals in tent leads to rabies shots
Aerosol cans Banned by BSA policy
Lighters Banned by BSA policy
Matches Banned by BSA policy
Knifes longer than 6 inches Banned by BSA policy
Sheath knife Banned by BSA policy
Electronics Banned by BSA policy